A high performing, hydrophobic material capturing particles 1,000x smaller than traditional filters, INFY has immediate applications for PPE and air filtration, and is becoming the preferred resource for first responders, medical professionals, industry, and essential workers.


INFY is the producer of Intelligent NanoFiber, an absorbent nano-material capable of capturing and neutralizing toxins and infectious diseases. Based in College Station, TX, our team is working to bring revolutionary products to market that address significant societal challenges. We are dedicated to adapting our technology for public safety and defense personnel, ensuring those who serve us most have the protection they need.


COVID-19 Neutralizing Filters

For COVID-19, we know that the virus can be active for more than four hours on hard surfaces. To neutralize this, it is advisable to use materials and agents with strong alkalinity, acidity, or are alcohol-based before interacting with the surface. To fight COVID-19, we’ve modified INFY to a create a neutralizing, high-alkaline substance that breaks down COVID-19 on contact. We’re also infusing the technology with signaling material that will change colors when coming in contact with targeted chemicals and toxins while also self-decontaminating when exposed to sunlight.

With this adaptation, INFY will be the only material on the market that can block COVID-19 and can warn users of its presence while neutralizing it into a harmless substance.


Air Filter

- ULPA Grade
- 0.00015mm Dust Trap

Waste Cleaning

- Over 60 times oil absorption

Heat Insulation

- Almost no heat penetration
- More than feather insulation
- Buildings/Theme Parks
- Fireproof

Desert Greening

- Perfect Soil Bed
- No Water Leakage


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