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INFY is the producer of Intelligent NanoFiber, an advanced material capable of multiple applications including capturing and neutralizing toxic industrial chemicals. Based in College Station, TX, our team is working to bring revolutionary products to market that address significant societal challenges. We are dedicated to adapting our technology for public safety and defense personnel, ensuring those who serve us have the protection they need.

Spill Bully and infysorb have partnered to create the most innovative and efficient spill kit on the market. Completely customizable and portable, the Spill Bully X infysorb spill kit is your on-the-go solution for oil spill response.

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Commercial Air Filtration

- ULPA Grade
- 0.00015mm Dust Trap

Waste Cleaning

- Over 60 times oil absorption

Heat Insulation

- Almost no heat penetration
- More than feather insulation
- Buildings/Theme Parks
- Fireproof

Desert Greening

- Perfect Soil Bed
- No Water Leakage


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